Save time while working on your next marketing automation campaign or a simple email – download helpful templates.brighttalk

All templates are Microsoft-Word based and do not use any additional software that would not be readily available in any office.

Individual Email Content Template (Word)Email-Template-Individual-E

  • Explanation of a typical email template
  • Word-based content template for stakeholders
  • Basic checklist of needed content


Marketing-Automation-PrograMarketing Automation campaign template (Word)

  • Campaign flow layout
  • Campaign element checklist
  • Form checklist


Email-Template-ReviewMarketing Automation project communications (Word)

  • Naming conventions
  • Stakeholder checklist
  • Emails to copy-paste


Email-Template-InternalInternal Word to Outlook email template (Word)

  • Modifiable template sample
  • Process explanation
  • Troubleshooting points


If you find these templates helpful, please feel free to use them for any purpose.

I am happy to make corrections and improve the templates based on your feedback!

Vanessa Bright

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