Book – Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

silosThe fable format is very enjoyable 🙂  The book is very engaging and thoughtful; it walks the reader (or listener) through more than one organization and offers several “case studies” from different industries.

The most insightful – silos and turf wars definitely can be reduced…  but the unfortunate part, it has to be done on the higher level of the organization and employees can not do much on their own to resolve the issue.

The author suggest an elegant approach for improvement, which is based on the observations that silos and turf wars are less prevalent during the “crisis” situations, when the entire company comes together to achieve one (and rather urgent) goal.

To avoid politics and turf battles, leaders must establish a rallying cry a single overriding theme that remains the top priority of the entire leadership team for a given period of time. In turn, this rallying cry or “thematic goal” serves to align employees throughout the organization and provides an
objective tool for resetting direction when things get out of sync.

roadmapThematic Goal: A single, qualitative focus or rallying cry that is shared by the entire leadership team and ultimately, by the entire organization-and that applies for only a specified period of time.

Defining Objectives: The temporary, qualitative components that serve to clarify exactly what is meant by the Thematic Goal; shared by all members of the team (and usually varying in number from four to six).

Standard Operating Objectives: Other key objectives that an executive team must focus on and monitor. These objectives do not go away from period to period and often include topics such as: revenue, expenses, customer satisfaction, quality etc.