Eloqua Users Group – October 2014

r1Very useful discussion, as usually.  Relationship One is an App Cloud partner of the Month!  Congratulation!!  🙂

Upcoming system updates:

  • Signature rules upload from CSV – great!
  • Edit of the uploaded HTML from the split screen (finally!)
  • Some additional landing page analysis (need to check)

Customer spotlight featured a company  new to Eloqua, that has knowledgeable people and  has made significant progress from January 2014. One of the campaigns discussed – a subscription campaign for Canadian prospects before summer legal changes.

The company offered its prospect a downloadable gift in exchange for a subscription.  The list was unknown; the results were about 20% of open rate and 1% of CTR.  The interesting part – the gift was a choice of downloading a song or picture printing.  Picture printing was more popular than song download.  Over half of people that came to the landing page filled out the form – what was good.

The discussion in the group touched on an interesting point – misunderstanding of resources needed to use the system – both skill set and number of people.

In many cases, Eloqua is purchased because it does not require HTML skills…  but, it is not completely true – HTML/Photoshop is vital for email marketing.  Interesting – Eloqua editor is similar to PPT; though the best PPTs are done by designers – or people who are somewhat good in this area.   Eloqua is probably similar – yes, you can do something without the skills needed, but it would be as attractive as a PPT made by a person devoid of design sense and minimal writing ability.

Many people are struggling with staffing – and a general industry problems are strategy and staffing.  Marketing automation will thrive only when it is not supported by strategy and knowledgeable resources.  Maybe soon…  maybe later.   As the tenure and importance of CMOs is gradually increasing, so should our hopes for wonderful future of marketing automation 🙂

Eloqua Users Group – Promo Sampler

R1Relationship One is gowning…  though not in Asia yet (hint hint…  maybe one day?  🙂 )

A few useful notes:

Marketers were giving away free [something] to get Canadians to subscribe before the change in the law.

Kapost should have a free plug-in to build a calendar, but it may not be as useful for planning.  Many companies use Sharepoint calendars for planning to accommodate multiple Eloqua instances and even multiple marketing automation systems.

Conditional form is possible – but requires custom Java Script…  I wonder how it can be scaled through an organization with different level of skill sets…

Promo Sampler App

Useful for a situation when an offer expires based on a certain number of people registerePromo-samplerd or time of the promotion.  For example, requesting a free sample of […..]  with available inventory for X number of items.  Individuals can request only one sample, and the list of requests can be easily exported to send to a fulfillment house.

The app allows to set series of landing pages in advance to show based on remaining inventory, repeated requests, or time frame.

Reminding distributors to contact the customer

Interestingly, the company is finding it easier to check with the customer than multiple distributors.


The campaign can probably include additional surveys, etc.  Campaign is based on blind form submit functionality and custom objects.




Eloqua Users Group – Zift Solutions

ziftZift Solutions is dedicated to helping marketers with channel partner support and measurement of the success of the efforts.  Used by Google, Adobe and HP, the service integrates with Eloqua and “extends” the platform to the channel partners who would not normally have access to this marketing tool.

caseA case study illustrates the solutions for companies with distributors and channel partners.

With more than 70 years in business, 100,000 products in their catalog, and dozens of locations around the globe, this multi-billion dollar manufacturer of electronics components needed help creating a more efficient lead distribution process and a collaborative sales effort with their distributors.

After deploying Zift, the manufacturer established rules for the distribution of leads (specific to each individual distributor), and can now share valuable profile and historical data on each lead, including campaign details, email details, and information on how the lead has interacted with the manufacturer’s website. The leads are processed through Zift’s lead distribution engine and the manufacturer continues to nurture and cultivate marketing leads through their Eloqua MAP.

Eloqua Users Group – Data Purchase

R1Quite interesting event.  List purchasing – b-to-b lists should be better than b-to-c lists for purchasing.  5% hard bounce is considered too high for b-to-b list (I thought it was actually low – oops).

Do not use name analyzer for international forms – the tool could penalize languages other than English 🙂

Ron outlined a useful structure of data from the marketing perspective, which can be used for “thinking” about the data.


FreshAddress and LeadSpend can be used for “pre” phase of validation.  Normalization via program builder can be used for “post validation” and “normalization.”  A variety of vendors can be used for Normalization and Enhancement.

FreshAddress-logo             leadspend-logo


Some data companies concentrate more on b-to-b aspects and some on b-to-c.  DemandBase and NetProspex will have more of firmographic data and Experian can be good for demographic/psycho-graphic profiling.

LeadSpend (a new to me vendor) has an excellent graphic explaining some of its capabilities:


Ron also mentioned a new Oracle acquisition – BlueKai – which has interesting data opportunities for marketers.  The new tool integrates easily with Eloqua.



Eloqua Experience 2012

Excellent as usually!  The unexpected surprise is availability of most of the presentations right after the conference (actually before the last speakers concluded their presentations).  Thanks to this wonderful organizational approach, I can use great quality screenshots for my own notes.

Joe, thank you for posting your keynote presentation and doing it so quickly – I am sure some of your points will find its way into countless PPTs of the conference attendees 😉  One of the best slides is the changing funnel (below).

Conference points that I found interesting:

  • Recommendation to have a cross-functional data quality team. This team could maintain the data dictionary and take care of the data normalization process to assure that the purchased lists are normalized before they are loaded into Eloqua.
  • Idea from the advocates reception: use “forwarded-looking” emails from sales when the white papers or webinars are “forwarded” by the rep to the contact.  For one company it increased the open rate over 3 times.
  • SLA between marketing and sales is different for each company – should the lead go to marketing when the lead has expired?  Maybe 😉
  • Book recommended “Emotional Branding” (though I am not sure when I can read everything I want to read… 😉  )
  • Eloqua seem to create a responsive design email templates…  I would love to learn more.  So far our developers did not find a good approach.  Also, it does not look like Eloqua has a report for who opens emails on which device – we can try Litmus when we ready. I am hoping I can learn more about email design suitable for mobile devices…

Very interesting: new DemandBase targeting method (I would call it “Evolved Remarketing”  😉  )  The new method allows to target only companies desired and offer different ads based on the company.  For example, a prospect receives one ad, and the customer company receives another.

Traditional targeting is not that effective (though more effective as no targeting at all).  Yes, I would love to try it!!  I would love to try remarketing first (easier to do) – we will see how easy it will be 😉

  • New measurement approach. About three years ago Eloqua rolled out 16 recommended measures (and probably all of us understood that it was excessive 😉  ).  However, now Eloqua recommends only 4 (perfect!) “
    • Reach (contact database size)
    • Velocity (technically the length of the sales cycle)
    • Conversion
    • “One view of the truth” for sales and marketing
  • Larry recommended to read Revenue Engine, which I still have not read.
  • Subscription for Eloqua Chart of the Week – great resource!  I particularly love the button – one more example in my library of “proper way” of using “submit” in any form 🙂
  • I received a recommendation from fellow Eloqua user to check out http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com/ as an organization that can have benchmark information on sales organizations in the same industry to counteract the general perception “oh, our industry does not use modern marketing…” what his organization did rather successfully.
  • How to get sales to surrender their hidden lists and share them with marketing: one organization asked sales reps to send them photocopied business cards to minimize any work reps would need to do.  Marketing hired a company to transcribe the cards and enter them into the database.  First person to complete the task won the iPad.  The company successfully extracted hundreds of contacts from sales “back pocket.”
  • Sales organization success – if 50% of sales reps show up for marketing training, it is good! 🙂

Content marketing.  

Interesting approach – success measure of content is leads generated (I could not agree more! The “Awareness” is just so previous century when we could not measure anything 🙂  ).

Content should focus on how do you solve my problem.
Content is important at the top of the funnel.

“I don’t believe in social media marketing; I believe in content marketing where social media is just a channel.”   Yes!  Hooray!!  Now I can quote it!!

Content is useful in three areas: email, search, social (and I can quote it too!!  )

In general, I personally believe that potential of social media is overrated.  I do not deny the new possibilities that social media presents, but I question their effectiveness compared to the older channels, such as email, search, retargeting, etc.  I know that Eloqua was doing A/B test to see how social sign on compared with the plain old form.  I have not heard about any results…

Social media effectiveness seem to be similar to pharmaceutical research – compared to placebo it works, but cheap previous generation medication is still more effective and has less side effects… and costs less.  Still, we are infatuated with the new medication because it is new…  Social media is similar – yes, it can be used as a tactic, but compared to other tactics in our arsenal, it is less effective and more costly for the goal of lead generation.

Social media has its place… but its importance is generally overrated… I think 😉

Modern Marketing  (and word of mouth is great, but probably a little overstated 😉  )

  1. Understanding buyers
  2. Offer compelling content
  3. Leverage power of word of mouth
  4. Deliver right information to your sales channel
  5. Ensure your action drive results


  • CMOs used to be brand builders; now CMOs are more analytically and tech savvy compared to other people of executive team
  • CMOs believe that market and technology are two powerful forces (great!!  finally!  hopefully the days when CMOs were either terrified of technology or could not care less about the market are passé)
  • Landscape is changing… Customer demographics is changing… Shift from markets to individuals.
  • CMOs must be technology innovators
  • ROI is no longer optional; ROI is top priority, but not all feel they can actually do it
  • Interesting – the “home” of the marketing operations is still undetermined… 🙂  Eloqua pulled marketing operation organization to report to CMO – ability to scale.  Previously marketing operation reported to demand gen.

“Getting back to Why” by Motorola

  • Standardization and normalization are part of the crawl stage (very smart…  it seems to be silly to try to produce more complex campaigns before simple ability to normalize a purchased list…)

  • Lead scoring needs to be reviewed on regular basis
  • Motorola did web site personalization based on their CMS and Eloqua… DemandBase has a solution – though it would require somewhat reasonable CMS
  • Motorola experienced “content explosion” – no wonder everybody is hiring content writers 😉  
  • Lesson learned by Motorola – process.  The system can automate the process, but the process needs to exist or be developed (what is a reoccurring theme in digital marketing during last several years). 

The most inspiring part of the event was probably the keynote by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett – where we all were inspired to “lead the revolution” and not to limit our organizations’ potentials to the least common denominator. In modern marketing – it is very true!  I shall read this book… 

Wonderful conference – as usually.  Hope to be there next year!  

Relationship One – thank you very much for a wonderful dinner for everybody who was able to attend the conference from our organization!  

Eloqua – Road to Revenue – Minneapolis 2012

The event was as insightful as always.  It was interesting to see what is in the development (oh oh, Eloqua 10 transition is coming… 🙂  ).  As usually, it was clear that many marketers are struggling to take advantage of the opportunities – the opportunities of modern business environment exist, but they are technically, organizationally, and politically difficult to implement. Still – marketing is a very exciting field!  🙂

Interesting points:

  • 90% of the data in the world was created within last 2 years
  • Social suite is included in Eloqua 10, not quite in Eloqua 9…
  • Box – new app on app cloud (ha! how many companies block it?  )
  • If you get to a lead within 1 hour rather then 2 hour – there is 8 times more probability for conversion

Fellow marketers’ insights (smart marketers’ insights 🙂 ):

  • To avoid confusion, it might be a good idea to exclude from outbound  campaigns everybody who is in the nurturing program.
  • Creative content production – recycle as much as possible
  • Marketers are using external call centers to qualify leads as quickly as possible after the form was submitted; then, the lead is passed to the sales team.  If the lead is not reachable, the lead is sent back to qualification/reach.
  • Eloqua tools can help with CRM adoption – a CRM becomes instantly useful for sales
  • Book recommendation – Revenue Engine – the tip is that this book is not as easy to read as many marketing books…  Unfortunately, it does not look like it is available on Audible 😉
  • I should finally read Digital Body Language too….
  • Engage: make sure to have a generic template for any possible message sales might need to send
  • Engage: it is beneficial to allow reps to submit requests for specific emails they find useful and file these emails is separate folder (great point for new Engage users!)

Content marketing – it is more about content than the product 🙂

Suspect – more people who has experience with Eloqua brand. They want to know what you know and not what you sell

    • No forms on this stage – info graphics, fun videos, infotaining
    • Also curated lists of content (best b2b marketing books)
    • Those whose content was included would be willing to share it
    • Slideshare info is free, but if people are interested, they are presented with the form at the end
    • Metrics are soft…

Prospects – (a person who signed up for something and provided information)

    • Content that relates to their professional interests
    • Email, ads, etc.
    • Use a book – split into chapters, and use them as e-books
    • Analyst reports
    • Metrics – conversions

Lead (a prospect that meet certain criteria as determined by sales and marketing)

Fine-tune lead scoring often – Eloqua updates every week

    • Content that addresses their business plans
    • Case studies , demo videos, white papers, product comparison
    • At this stage use the signature from a specific rep
    • Metrics – engagement
    • Demos – does not have to be perfect – captivate on flip is ok


People are looking at some other products…  I should be the one to provide it rather than the competitor.  ROI calculator and generation of RFP – everything should be convenient at this point.

Event attendance – content related to events rather than customer promotions (very smart! I am not very enthusiastic about even spam in my own mailbox… 😉  ).  This content can be found and used when people search for event information.

Industry leaders invited to participate in a shared “book” – they happy to participate and will later share the content.

Production of the content is everybody’s job. Managing editor has a job of managing the content and assuring that everybody participates.  However, leadership buy-in is critical for accomplishing anything.

Eloqua is using a simple spreadsheet to manage content, with the information (piece of content, URL, stage of sales process, and persona for which this content has been targeted). The spreadsheet allows to manage expired content.

More about content – Grande Guide on B-to-B content marketing – hooray, this book (Content Rules) I read 😉

Use the piece of content as much as possible initially, then move to the next piece of the content.  It is OK if the person encounters the same piece of content several times through several channels.

There has to be support from top leadership…
Competition with marketo helped Eloqua understand the importance of content marketing 🙂

Eloqua Experience 11 – The Change (Day 2)

I guess my general perception of of Eloqua Experience day 2 was celebration of constant change… OK, maybe commiseration, or acknowledgement, or annoyance with the phenomenon 🙂

Those who recognize the change and are willing to adapt (at least use Eloqua on a good level), seem to outperform the rest.  …what probably contributes to Eloqua growth at about 40% a year.

  • Old way of SaaS is not enough anymore… SaaS 1.0 – tools and services in the cloud.  SaaS 2.0 – tools and services in the cloud, capable to connect with other vendors cloud tools and services
  • Evolution of Benchmarking: industry surveys have been replaced by an aggregate data of cloud service providers
  • Mobile traffic to the web sites doubled during last year (still, mobile strategy should exist – mobile should not be a reformatted copy of the regular site ~Vanessa)
  • Eloqua launched App Cloud

  • Eloqua is also changing (Eloqua 10 is HTML 5 tool).  Eloqua 10 will not retain all Eloqua 9 functionality – the company is attempting a fundamental shift to better usability and business effectiveness.  Some features would have to change.

Eloqua is the only company in the field with 11 full-time faculty members.

I was very happy to receive my own certificate and thanks to Heidi who took my picture, the excitement is preserved forever.  Now I am hoping to put the new knowledge to a good use.  🙂   And continue learning…

Eloqua’s approach to content

  • The solution to noise is not more noise, but a differentiation
  • Eloqua’s solution for a different content was visualization.  Eloqua has a content partner – jess3

Eloqua case study from the perspective of jess3

  • Jess3 is a content partner, whose credentials are also present on the final “piece of content;” jess3 is on a retainer
  • Eloqua’s  internal team supports creation of the content – everybody is responsible for creation of the content
  • Recognize what people share – people do not read the entire article before sharing – sharing happens after a glance

  • Eloqua created Social Media Playbook as an internal resource; later it was used for external purposes (the playbook has been used by other organizations for internal training also)
  • Recommendation: think about a way the content itself can attract attention…  (Maybe a resource of all industry resources in a visually easy to navigate fashion? ~Vanessa)
  • Content has limited shelf life – only 6% of tweets are re-tweeted
  • Content can be re-packaged (individual posts can be combined, etc.
  • Eloqua went from no blog to Ad Age Power 150 in 10 months (Joe attribute it to the uniqueness of the content).  Users were encouraged to comment on some info graphics; later the new versions of info graphics were sent to the those who commented directly – these people saw the result of their involvement and had a vested interest in promoting the content.
  • Blog is the hub of content distribution strategy 
  • Content must be interesting… even in PR, people do not cover new products – people cover interesting staff
  • Content marketing is a force multiplier – we can measure only pieces… (visits to the site, etc.)
  • Eloqua uses Slide Share…  and is a Slide Share’s example of proper use of a corporate accounts 😉

Eloqua’s content plans:

  • To be smarter about optimizing the content
  • Evaluate the need and lack of attention by other brands (what other brands are not producing)
  • Content inventory is overlaid by buying stage
  • Let search influence the content Eloqua produces

From creative… to the nerds.  Marketing needs nerds!!  Change requires it!  (per Mike Hilton – EVP Marketing, Concur)

Marketing needs to take maximum control from IT; technical skill sets are critical for marketing.

Actually, the change is quite good for business… Great presentation!