Minneapolis – St. Paul Marketing Recruiters and Job Postings

Dear friends, after sending a few e-mails with local recruiting agencies in marketing (interactive marketing) area, I thought it is better to collect the resources in one location. 😉  Please tell me if I forgot something that can be useful to all of us – I will be happy to add it for the next friend who might be looking for a job…

Minneapolis – St. Paul marketing staffing agencies:

antena Antenna specializes in providing senior level marketing leaders and mid-level marketing staff on an interim and permanent basis. In working with candidates, Antenna’s role extends well beyond a single placement to helping people develop their talent and succeed in the long term.
aquent Aquent – national temporary recruiting organization with presence in Twin Cities
celarity Celarity – Celarity works with martketing, communications, interactive and creative professionals who want to explore new work opportunities and get connected to who’s hiring. Celarity matches professionals with contract assignments, freelance projects and full time job opportunities.
creatis Creatis – Minneapolis recruiting organization with a studio that has additional opportunities
creative-group Creative Group – permanent and temporary recruiting (note: permanent and temporary parts are separate; it is important to clarify what you want)
DAHL Consulting
digital-people Digital people
horizontal-integration Horizontal Integration – recruiting organization and an agency at the same time – range of opportunities for interactive marketers (however, all marketers are welcome)
itr-group ITR group – recruiting organization and also mobile marketing company
ivisionHR iVisionHR – though the company’s web site is targeted to employers, the candidates can contact “the right person” Karla Borgendale directly at 763-300-5472
or karla @ ivisionhr.com
McKinleyGroup McKinley Group – Marketing
mergis The Mergis Group – national recruiting organization with an office in the downtown Minneapolis; the company recruits a wide range of professionals, including marketing

Local prominent recruiters

pat Pat O’Donnell If you have not sent your resume to Pat, do it 😉

LinkedIn groups specific for Minneapolis – St. Paul area – featuring local jobs in interactive marketing

i612 i612: Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area Interactive Media Community
interactive-women Minnesota Interactive Women’s Association

Search engines

indeed www.indeed.com– job search engine, which aggregatesjob postings from many locations
linkup www.linkup.com – job search engine, which aggregates job postings from corporate web sites specifically

Anything needs to be added?