MIMA – The Changing Face of Email

silverpopGreat MIMA event as usually 🙂  entertaining presentation, a few insights to take to the office, industry friends to talk to, and food!  The email is definitely changing, and I guess three main points from the event would be:

  • changing presentation of the email boxes by email clients (as all of us are trying to manage our email boxes)
    • As we have too many emails, mailbox management strategies evolved…  and technology starting to enable these strategies
  • extension of marketing automation from b-to-b to b-to-c (gosh – this probably happened first time in human history – something was pioneered by b-to-b and later adopted by b-to-c!  🙂 )
    • B-to-c seem to be trying to move successful lead nurturing techniques into consumer environment
  • consumers might be revolting against privacy enforcement in some cases, as they like personalized content and find it more convenient.  Wouldn’t it be lovely?

Notes from the event:

  • gmailUnsubscribe caution: sending emails daily will get 40% list reduction over the year if the unsubscribe rate better than average…  Daily send is excessive…
  • Gmail mailbox study “the tabs” –
    • highly engaged: tabs result in reading more
    • medium engagement: tabs result in reading slightly less
    • low engagement: tabs result in dramatic decline of activity, but these audience did not pay much attention anyway, so the loss is irrelevant
  • Second generation of Welcome campaign: welcome campaign based on which pages of the site the person previously visited
  • What people do when they view emails on Mobile phone?  Decide which ones they can delete right now
  • Responsive email design can be used to offer completely different calls to action on desktop and mobile device (check out [something], and download an app)
  • Geo fencing is starting to be used in retail – an email is sent to the staff when the customer is coming into the door
  • Unroll.me – a tool that allows mass unsubscribe from newsletters and combine them into a “digest” to review an a desired time of the day

This is fantastic tool!!  🙂  I discovered that I have almost 200 subscriptions – oh…oh… a marketer’s faith 😉  However, the count included different options of the same publication: for example, I would be subscribed to a daily and weekly, and webinars update from the same source.

subscriptionsThe selection to unsubscribe or to “rollup” is very straightforward.


After I was done, I was presented with the most interesting information: which communications are more likely to be unsubscribed, which rolled up, and which keep as subscriptions (with the lovely option to tweet or post the info on Facebook).



Now my mailbox is perfectly organized!