Eloqua Users Group – Analytics and Visual Click Through

quocity-logoGreat information, as usually. ¬†Particularly, the new release overview was very useful – it is hard to keep up with “everything going on” in online marketing… ūüôā

it looks like Oracle might be working on upgrading Eloqua Insights, what would be lovely.  Current version of Insights is not the most easy to use, and comparing to other analytics packages, such as Google Analytics, Litmus, etc. is rather clunky.

Relationship One also has an advanced solution to “upgrade” the analysis experience… ¬†Would Oracle buy Quosity? ¬†Ah – it would be lovely ūüôā


Two particularly helpful features of the new release:

Visual click though is back!! ¬†All of us who missed this feature¬†from E9 days and tried the Beta versions of previous years would be happy. ¬†The same limitation applies – the same link need to be tagged to be distinguishable in the report. ¬†Oh, well, everybody who wanted this type of reports over last couple of years are probably tagging experts by now ūüôā


Knowing other reports of this type from the years past, I am surprised to see only percentage and no difference in the color bubble.  Maybe it is coming.

It is now also possible to remove tests from the form substitution data. ¬†Though my experience is manipulation of the form submission data in spreadsheet… ¬†I am sure this feature has a fantastic application sometime in the future.

Eloqua Users Group – Promo Sampler

R1Relationship One is gowning… ¬†though not in Asia yet (hint hint… ¬†maybe one day? ¬†ūüôā )

A few useful notes:

Marketers were giving away free [something] to get Canadians to subscribe before the change in the law.

Kapost should have a free plug-in to build a calendar, but it may not be as useful for planning.  Many companies use Sharepoint calendars for planning to accommodate multiple Eloqua instances and even multiple marketing automation systems.

Conditional form is possible – but requires custom Java Script… ¬†I wonder how it can be scaled through an organization with different level of skill sets…

Promo Sampler App

Useful for a situation when an offer expires based on a certain number of people registerePromo-samplerd or time of the promotion. ¬†For example, requesting a free sample of […..] ¬†with available inventory for X number of items. ¬†Individuals can request only one sample, and the list of requests can be easily exported to send to a fulfillment house.

The app allows to set series of landing pages in advance to show based on remaining inventory, repeated requests, or time frame.

Reminding distributors to contact the customer

Interestingly, the company is finding it easier to check with the customer than multiple distributors.


The campaign can probably include additional surveys, etc.  Campaign is based on blind form submit functionality and custom objects.




Eloqua Experience 2013 – Fun, Fun, Fun!

It was a blast! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Serious notes from the conference will have to wait, but it was a lot of fun!

The conference started from an Eloqua Advocates party, in a setting with spectacular view (oh, it was a foggy day… ¬†but I found the view as it was “supposed to be”).


Meeting acquaintances from previous years and Eloqua executives a unique opportunity for advocates.  Last year during the advocates party we discussed click tracking and this year it was a focus of my presentation.  I also had an opportunity to thank Eloqua for the executive track option, what has been popular among my management (based on my last two jobs).

pinsThough I do not network deliberately and business cards seem to go out of circulation, I ran out of a dozen business cards that I brought with me by the end of the first day of the conference. ¬†This is a testament to a many insightful conversations and unexpected discoveries ūüôā

A pride and joy of any Eloqua Experience attendee – my collection of very important pins! ¬†Pins are seriously important – one of them is a pass to Advocates party, another is a pass for an VIP version of a welcome reception. ¬†Parties were spectacular… ¬†did I mention the food?

Yes, the food!!  It was my third year attending the dinner with Relationship One, which is becoming more and more spectacular.  Wow.  This year the dinner took us on an incredible several course adventure through the dining experience in an exquisite setting.  A couple of dinner attendees were lucky winners of a cook book signed by the famous chef himself.


And the most exciting adventure (for me!) of the conference was the opportunity to speak during one of the sessions.  I think I enjoyed it more than the sessions attendees.  The opportunity to share insight and save my industry counterparts some efforts in their own marketing journey was incredibly enjoyable.


I love sharing knowledge.  The feeling that this sharing helps other marketers is absolutely priceless.  Marketing is an industry in the constant state of disruption Рopportunities to learn are endless.



A gist of the presentation has been captured by BrightTalk in the interviews of the conference attendees the company did during the event.  Thank you, BrightTalk!  


Eloqua Experience 2013 was a spectacular event and it will take some time to organize all important notes.  But it was also fun Рa very enjoyable event.

Eloqua Users Group – Lead Scoring

lead-scoringJune event was devoted a hands-on learning updated lead scoring setup.  Thank you, Relationship One, for the setup of sandbox for us to follow along!

Of course, the main point of the lead scoring will always remain a challenge – deciding what should be scored and having this data in the database with reasonable degree of accuracy.

The new lead scoring setup is much easier than the previous option.  The most advantages, from my perspective:

  • Unlimited number of lead scoring “programs” per instance (for Team and up)
  • No need to use any of our precious 250 database fields for any of the scoring activities
  • Lead scoring data is shown based on the contacts to which a particular user has access
  • It is my understanding that the scoring speed of the new approach also increased dramatically

lead-scoring-templateFrom the perspective of larger organizations (where I work), the new features are very advantages.  Several business units can use all lead scoring power without any worry that some limited database capacity will be used.  This allow experimentation with lead scoring (maybe even for specific campaigns?) without any intricacies of corporate governance.

Topliners has a section with lead scoring matrix and other relevant materials for the project.

Eloqua – Road to Revenue 2013

road-to-revenueVery good event as usually, and this year very well attended by local marketers. ¬†The food was absolutely spectacular! ¬†The best event breakfast, snack, and lunch I can remember – ever ūüôā

A few points from the event:

Some of Eloqua’s new features that we all would love to see are becoming availabe:

  • Editing HTML in eloqua
  • Visual click through reports are coming back to E10 maybe by the end of this year
  • Zip upload – nice ūüėČ
  • Analyzer access – it looks like the access license can be transferred to a partner company, but in this case, the organization does not have the access itself.

One of the themes of this year event was content marketing, and it is not surprising.

Every scrap of content we ever create is blog-worthy

80%-90% of blog readers are first time visitors who found the content somewhere else

New slide for the changing sales funnel



Compendium Рa software allowing organize, manage, and analyze effectiveness of marketing content.  Beyond exciting!!


Oh, yes, there are so many interesting and exciting things in marketing, that at some points it all seems overwhelming.  One of the presentation slides described perfectly (in my opinion) everything what a marketer is expected to do and how a marketer feels about it.


Eloqua Users Group – May 2013



Very useful event as usually. ¬†We reviewed the latest developments, issues, and rumors ūüėČ . ¬†One of interesting points: nobody seem to found a way of connecting email design, development, and Eloqua. ¬†Actually, I don’t remember anybody at the event who figured a perfect way for email design itself – who does it? ¬†Vendors? ¬†In-house? ¬†A combination?? ¬†It is probably a good opportunity for a new company to come to the market with a good knowledge of emails design and coding… and make all of us happy ūüėČ


ArchivesOther points and links:

Relationship One maintains an archive of Eloqua Users Group presentations  Рvery convenient to know.


NormalatorNormalator – another Eloqua app – the app allows to clean up data base easier than a traditional “data washing machine” and is considered easier to setup for people who are not familiar with Program Builder


We also mentioned an article How to Capture Referring Sources to Landing Pages and in Forms using Query Strings and what can be done to setup Eloqua forms (and combination with analytics).  My honest realization is the need for knowledgeable consultants when any form settings, etc. is accomplished.


Eloqua Users Group – March 2013

app-cloudGood event Рa hands-on session on Data Washing Machine.  Very useful session.

From the data integrity standpoint:

  • make sure there is a title categories, which can be used on form submission
  • make sure the data is matching other databases

name-analyzerEloqua has a free app on App Cloud that checks form completion data for typical data issues and flag suspect entries.

With the Name Analyzer Cloud Connector, you can automatically do a ‚Äújunk scan‚ÄĚ on your data to look for the typical problems that are seen. It scans first name, full name, email address, and phone number looking for data that is known to be bad or looks suspect, and flags the record in your Eloqua marketing database.

This connector could be used to ensure a new contact to the database through a form submission is accurate before being placed in your nurturing program or passed to sales. It is also useful as part of your ongoing data hygiene process.

netprospexInteresting: there are apps on App Cloud allowing to add additional contacts into database and append missing information.

The app installs in your Eloqua environment to automatically append and normalize data. It can be used to enrich the data from your web forms, or to add critical information to existing contacts like revenue, company size, and industry. Easy-to-use (20 minute setup!) and cost-effective, this app provides considerable value.