Book – Show Me the Numbers

bookFantastic book!  This is the second book of the author that I read, and it was even more useful than the first.  My presentations changed to become more understandable… and no more pie charts 😉

The book is an excellent textbook that I wish I could study before I became comfortable with Excel.  The book explains what is wrong in data visualization, why it is not beneficial, and what is a better solution.  The book also has excellent exercises and Excel tips explaining how to simulate certain type of graphs in Excel (including the lens graph, which I started using more and more.

Important stories live in the numbers that measure what’s going on in the world.  Before we can present quantitative information, we must first uncover and understand its stories.  Once we know the stories, we can tell them in ways that help others to understand them as well.

Excellent book that I would recommend to any marketer.

Below is the explanation that cured my unfounded love for pie charts.






When pie charts are placed next to an easier to understand bar chart, it looses clearly.  I tested myself preferences for different charts, and pie never won…  it just stayed in my presentations for unknown reason.  No more!  🙂