I612 – The Silent Click: Building Brands Online

i612The i-612 event was centered around the dilemma of interactive marketing – if everything can be measured as a direct response, would it be the best (or the only?) measurement of the campaign success?

Highlights from the presentation:

The possibility of measurement “the click” is increasing: in UK online ad spending already surpassed TV ad spending.

However, CTR for rich media ads are low (based on DoubleClick benchmarks). I had an opportunity to see Dart reporting for some campaigns and the numbers are definitely not surprising.

Industry CTR:
 – Wellness – 0.1%
 – Financial Services – 0.06%

Another concern: only 16% of the online audience – “natural born clickers”  – are responsible for 80% of clicks. The “natural born clickers” tend to be young (24 – 44), and lower income ( <40K, online average income ~60K ).

Consumers spend time online differently comparing to the last 5 years.


The interesting point is that social networks took time away from “communication” rather than “content.”

The study, conducted by comScore, assessed 80 of the biggest branding campaigns across 200 of the most trafficked sites over a month’s time analyzing consumer behaviors of those Internet users who were exposed to display advertising. “The Silent Click” measured three consumer actions: 1) searches conducted related to the advertisers’ brands; 2) site visitation, the traffic driven to the advertisers’ site and 3) consumer spending, the e-commerce transactions related to the advertisers’ brands.

Aggregate results:

After being exposed to the online advertisement, consumers are more likely to search for advertised brands and visit advertiser’s web site. When thy visit advertiser’s site, these consumers spend more time on the site and view more pages. Consumers exposed to the advertisement also spend 7% more money on e-commerce sites. The consumers who visit sites after being exposed to the ads are more affluent comparing to the average.


The presentation gives excellent data by verticals and advertising categories.

However, the number of exposures to the ads was not considered in the research.  Targeting was also not measured.

Panel discussion after the presentation emphasized that measurement of the marketing efforts must be consistent with the campaign objective.