About Online Marketing Moment

More than a decade ago I was required by management to provide a one page report about professional associations events that happen to be during work hours.

I was certain that nobody in the office would read my notes, but I loved the events and had to send the reports.  Without the reports, I would not be able to attend the events… I thought that I should not only follow the requirement, but also make it useful. I started this blog.

I would not be the best person to write a blog – I have a foreign accent and sometimes my approach to English grammar is a little more creative than I wish. My “business” goals for the blog were simple:

  • to learn more about blogging platforms, tools, techniques
  • to understand the time commitment and efforts involved before I can use it as a marketing tactic
  • to explore blog-related social media marketing opportunities

Soon I discovered that yes, my coworkers were not as excited about interactive marketing as I was, but I referred to the blog notes myself! Links, ideas, and the process of trying to review my notes and record them in the shortest form possible (for my own future use) were surprisingly useful.

I could also speak intelligently about social media strategies by using my own learning from having a blog and later adding other social media tools. I had enough understanding of the tools and was able to concentrate on how to use them for benefiting the business.

Years passed, and I no longer work for the company that encouraged me indirectly to start a blog, but I have a wonderful resource of links and notes from marketing events and books I liked the most. I continue blogging.

Did I achieve my “business” goals?  Absolutely!

  • I am very comfortable with WordPress platform and know its benefits for marketing; I saw different popularity of my posts and had interesting conversations (off line) with people who found my blog
  • I have a very realistic understanding of the time commitment involved and understand the problem an average business user could face (even if my technical/creative background allows me to do much more than an average business user)
  • My blog is integrated with other social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, [whatever comes next], etc.) – it is now just a part of my own “marketing strategy” – even if the most time-consuming part

If you are reading this page, thank you. This blog tremendously benefited its author, and I will be happy if you can find something useful. My recommendation: if you are a marketer and don’t have a blog – start one.  🙂

Vanessa Bright
Online Marketing Enthusiast

2 thoughts on “About Online Marketing Moment

  1. Vanessa –
    You continue to impress me each time we meet. You have a contagious energy, are approachable, and you are fun to have in a group. I like your blog “story” (above). It makes me interested in starting a blog of my own. Thanks for showing it to me!

  2. Thank you for sharing your marketing insights. The wisdom you give is especially helpful because you are so good about keeping up with the latest business developments. This is no easy task considering how quickly things change in regards to digital marketing.

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