On24: How to Create Amazing Webinar Experiences

Webinars are moving from “one-off” events to programs. “We need to become producers of serialized programming…” Useful, educational programming rather than promotions.

Slides are going away, videos are becoming more prevalent. However, the events do not need to have high production cost; basic equipment is sufficient.

Webinars are successfully used by many “boring” industries, which can easily find engaging content. A good recommendation is to create monthly series and brand them. The goal is not registrations, but an audience engagement. “Webinar experience is primary, white paper is secondary as an additional resource…”

Should we provide additional materials? Webinar attendees could be distracted… “If people are going to be distracted anyway, let them to be distracted by your content!”

  • add a subscription to a newsletter
  • promote the next webinar before you start the current webinar
Example – EllieMae webinars

Interesting: On24 MQLs webinar attendees very conservatively – a webinar engagement score is an activity considered in the overall scoring.

Interesting: On24 finds somewhat less engagement in on-demand webinars, but this difference is not significant. Recommendation to remind on-demand viewers about engagement options during the live event: “By the way, if you are watching on-demand, you can still do x, y, z…”

Registration sources: email typically generates over 90% of registrants. Recommendation for email promotions:

  • Use both HTML/text email promotions
  • Send an invite from the speaker
  • “Creepy email:” a special message to those who clicked, but did not register
  • “The first sentence in the email should be your point…” you have 5 seconds to convince the person to register

Too many questions? Put SDRs on the call to answer!

Interesting: the length of “watched” webinar increased over last several years from 38 minutes to 56 minutes... even if short form content is becoming more and more important, webinar viewers are actually stay longer.

What is the best webinar length? Give webinar in the amount of time you need to communicate amazing content!

  • C-level: no slides, C-level speaker
  • Thought leadership: about 1 hour
Example of an award-winning webinar