Book – The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success

This fascinating book explains the “why” behind many intuitive questions we might have about success. All of us observed seemingly strange distribution of the success in different areas of our lives. Now, with the help of data, we can understand the forces behind this phenomenon. We have an advice which can help our products, companies, and even personal endeavors to reach higher potential.

We also have a choice. We can chose industries, projects, and paths where some of the laws are more likely to be effective. Plus, a little encouragement with solid scientific base that our personal innovative abilities do not disappear with time as we grow older.

Blomberg summary provides an excellent outline of the book, including some of the most colorful examples.

Five laws of success:

  1. Performance drives success, but when performance is immeasurable, networks determine success.
  2. Performance is bounded, but success is unbounded.
  3. Fitness x Previous Success = Future Success.
  4. While team success requires diversity and balance, a single individual will receive credit for the group’s achievements.
  5. Success can come at any time as long as we are persistent.

The last law is the most encouraging. Even if more “success” in scientific and business world can be “allocated” to young people, it correlates with productivity. Young people are more productive in trying, but a statistical probability that the initiative could become successful is exactly the same. The author’s Ted Talk on the topic articulates the point with lovely humor and impregnable data.