Book – Radical Candor

This book was not quite what I expected. It is a very practical guide on management, and not only management, but a work life in general. The author emphasizes honest but encouraging feedback, and also understanding the human aspect of management.

One of interesting aspects was a definition of “career trajectory,” which can be different for the same person at different parts of his or her life. Fast career trajectory might be desired when the person is striving for promotion, and slow career trajectory might be perfect at time when other aspects of life become more important, such as family or external interests. Each person might react differently to the same event; one new parent might want to spend more time with the child (shifting to slow career trajectory), and another one might strive for career progression as a means to provide for the needs of a growing family.

Another insight was movement of internal employees to roles, which may not be a good fit, even if the person thinks that this highly desired role might be his or her dream job.

  • One successful manager was pursuing a position, which the book author did not think was a good fit, as it required significant political skill set the individual did not have. The manager got the desired position, fell into a political trap soon after that, and was fired eventually from the organization.
  • Another successful manager was moved into a position, which was more analytical than her preference and interest, did not perform well, and later was reassigned to a more suitable role, where she thrived.

“Radical Candor” site has a wealth of the resources on the topic of management and, simply, our work habitat 😉

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