ANA – Marketing Leadership for the Driverless World


Why marketing?  Shouldn’t “driverless car” live in a technology universe?  If “driverless car” is left in the technology domain, it may never roll into the human world in its most helpful (and profitable) form. Marketers should shift the focus from the tech to the customer, and define business models of the future.

Do we need to buy a “driverless car?”  Maybe not…  Maybe the “car” is not necessary, and the concept of “mobility” eliminates (or includes) the concept of a “car?”

If we have a driverless vehicle for a limited use, what would be the ideal customer, who can instantly appreciate its benefit?  Driverless cars were tested in retirement communities.  “Mobility” opened new opportunities for residents to visit places, which were not accessible before.  The demand always existed, and now the technology offered a very valuable service.

The most interesting concept, from my perspective, is the question Sudha asked about the “Driverless World:” OK, the mobility can be available, but which business would want to pay for it?  Maybe, a shopping center?  These experiments are already underway…

The session took the audience on a wonderful trip into the future; the future of business.

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