ANA – Integrating AI/Machine Learning/Predictive Technologies into your Marketing Stack

Ah, marketers’ infatuation with AI!  But…  who can blame us when the same obsession can be observed in almost every industry and corner of the business world.  Though, all of us are still trying to figure out how to make it work – for our business.

Kevin Liu, Director of Marketing Operations at MongoDB, shared his experience with a couple of interesting (and now well-known) tools.

Kevin uses Lattice to improve lead scoring, which was previously set up in Eloqua in a traditional way.  Conversion increased dramatically after the switch.

MongoDB recreates scoring models every 6 to 12 months and employes several models: regional and market-specific.  A wonderful aspect of Lattice – no charge per scoring model, which allows flexibility and experimentation.


Kevin also uses Conversica, which is loved by reps!

An interesting aspect: MongoDB uses Conversica to manage the lead volume.  Depending on the workload of the SDR team, Conversica gets either more or less leads.

Webinar and White Paper leads are typically channeled to Conversica, as the leads are not as active, and few sales reps have the patience to go through all 8-touch process with this type of leads.  Conversica is happy to help!

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