ANA – Closed-Loop Customer Discovery

We may not think too much about the concept of an industry survey.  We might think more about an incentive to encourage a customer or a prospect to share with a marketer his infinite wisdom in the area where the marketer should know everything.  Somehow, the most important insight tend to escape the marketer, and, if found, is valuable to other potential customers.  Though we may not think holistically (or even long enough?) about an industry survey unless we are lucky to stop by a marketing event, hear interesting ideas, and start asking questions…

Closed-Loop Customer Discovery: Converges Demand Gen, Market Research & Thought Leadership


Another typical marketing approach: a survey might be intriguing for a person who is filling it out because he will get the aggregated report with answers of his colleagues and competitors.  Aha – this is a great opportunity to satisfy natural curiosity and…  generate some materials for marketer’s next demand gen program…  and never share with the product organization.

Closed-Loop Customer Discovery Center is based on understanding customer pain points, providing an assessment with a response immediately valuable for the responder.  This “evolved” assessment can be valuable for the responder again when he reaches the next milestone in his organization’s business journey.  This thought process not only satisfies prospect’s immediate interest and generates materials for the next thought leadership masterpiece, but also contributes to product ideas and gives sales insight.

Results can be rather remarkable.


SAP example of Analytics STrategy Assessment and the link to take the assessment.

book.pngThe cooperation and coordination between all involved groups are critical for the project.  The questions must be found on the intersection of customer pain points and the company’s product; the answers should provide value for the person who filled out the survey…  potentially, multiple times.

More information can be found in Adrian’s book, The 24-Hour Customer: New Rules for Winning in a Time-Starved, Always-Connected Economy, which is now on my reading list 🙂

Excellent event!


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