ANA – Building Your ABM Marketing-to-Sales Playbook

laurie.pngThis was one of the most practical events I can remember.   My colleagues in the audience were as impressed and took notes 🙂

Laurie Beasley gave us an overview of a “Meeting Maker” campaign, several versions marketers can consider, and shared nuances of the “craft.”

The audience debated (sometimes passionately) typical assumptions, which may change with time.

Some of the most curious discussion points:

Young people do not open direct mail!  Yes, they do…  15 – 35 years old is the most attentive audience.

“Stick DM into a box…  the more it looks like an Amazon box… the better!

Phone touch is the most productive.

Trend – Marketing is reporting to sales.  Cisco just hired a person on top of CMO to be the head of marketing and sales.

Brief for the campaign…  sometimes not very useful if filled out by marketing.  Sales information is much more useful.  Tip – start from sales and validate with marketing.

Premium use: are you worrying that people respond because they just want the premium?  No need to worry (based on experience).

Best performing gift in Asia – crystal wine glasses (selling software).

Cost per demo: $1K – $2K

If your offer cannot be communicated in 10 words – scrap it.

Campaigns that do not run well are run by inside sales.  If needed, pick just a rep or two.

Even if we do not believe that anybody is answering their phones…  average response rate on tele-prospecting is going up!





Excellent presentation!

Book – Blue Ocean Shift


Excellent book!  As the Blue Ocean Strategy volume before it, the book is full of interesting examples.  This book also describes the process a company can use to shift its business to a “blue ocean” of customer value and reduced competition.

Blue Ocean Shift is possible in a variety of business areas (b-to-b and b-to-c), nonprofits, and even government institutions.


Examples of Blue Ocean Shift in different industries:

Citizen M hotel: a hotel targeted to a specific segment of travelers with a unique balance of services and price to delight its customers.






actifry.PNGActifry: how to create a better fryer?  Frying requires oil and customers perceived fried products as unhealthy; plus the danger of hot oil and oil disposal. Actifry created a new market and held market leadership thanks to timely secured patents.

maestro.pngMaestro for the masses: expansion of classical music to a new audience (people who normally do not listen to classical music); inclusion more accessible pieces into concerts and moving concerts to stadiums, which can accommodate a larger audience.

Malaysia‘s Community Rehabilitation Program: the program reduced the cost of isolating petty criminals (re-purposed unused military bases), isolated petty criminals from hardened criminals, and transferred the program to the rehabilitation objective rather than incarceration.  The prisoners had more contact with their families, learned marketable skills, and earned money during their incarceration.  The recidivism rate is a fraction of a “typical” prison system while costs are lower.

Excellent book!