Webinar Nerd – Connection with Sales

webinar nerd.pngAn interesting point had been discussed during one of ON24 webinars featuring a successful client – connection with sales.  Degreed (ON24 client) tries to connect with sales organization as much as possible, and the webinar program is part of the effort.  After each webinar, Degreed marketing provides a pre-defined package to the sales organization, which includes a link to the webinar recording, key takeaways, and a sample of follow-up email.

Sales organization is also involved in the generation of webinar topics, and a monthly debrief about the webinar program performance.   

webinar follow up.PNG

The more sales were involved, the better we have got

Some webinars could be beneficial for customers; these webinars are added to the calendars of relevant account executives to make sure “we did not know!!”  complaint does not appear after the webinar.

Popular webinars include a partner and a customer.

Degreed marketing usually takes 6 weeks to promote a webinar.