2018 – State of Email and Email Benchmark Reports

Two recent reports approached email marketing from two different angles: technology implications and brand implications.  Both highlighted mobile views and gave recommendations for marketers to adapt…


IBM released email benchmark report, but the most interesting comment was related to brand.

As more and more consumers view their email messages on mobile devices, we might need to view an email as an ad, which may not be designed to get a click but to remind the target audience about the brand.  In this case… it might be quite acceptable to send more emails.

As the report is based primarily on the consumer data, I wonder if this approach can be entertained for the b-to-b audience. However, the topic of sending too many emails or not enough emails is now discussed more frequently.  Microsoft did an interesting email frequency test, which suggested that more email messages could be accepted and appreciated by the most profitable segments.

Brand and frequency discussion is interesting (and rather unexpected) industry development.


Canada does see higher email activity, what is attributed to regulations.  However, the difference between US and Canada is not as dramatic as I expected.

device.PNGDifference in device usage across regions seem to persist.


Litmus reviewed email world from a more technical perspective.

  • 3% of email users still click on “view online” option
  • Marketers are less likely to use separate content for mobile and desktop version to increase efficiency (is this trend alluding to potential “over-segmentation” we can hear in the industry more frequently now?)
  • Image scaling for retina display – one-third of marketers use this approach
  • New trend started in 2017: Gmail and Yahoo are giving “unsubscribe suggestions,” which, if successful, can spread to other areas


Interesting: email designers are concentrating on interactive experiences.  Maybe email truly moving into the category of an ad?  🙂