How ON24 Drives Demand With Webinars

ON24 shared a thoughtful approach on how webinars can be used throughout the sales cycle.  ON24 also shared the data to compare attendance of different webinar types.


Interesting: Customer Spotlights (what can be a good example of a useful case study) generate more registrants than vertical content.  This relationship might be different for other companies; a webinar platform might be used quite similarly across verticals.


Immediate translation is a very reasonable approach.




Interesting: ON24 does weekly demo webinars, which are also promoted by sales organization in their communications to prospects.


ON24 ran only one Sales References webinar so far, and it may not be suitable for industries with less forthcoming customers, but the concept is perfect for the specific stage in the sales cycle.


Hmmm….  Though every marketing organization seems to be creating videos for a specific account, a webinar is a similar idea – and it might be easier to produce than a video (in some cases).


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