ON24 – Anatomy of an Awesome Webinar

ON24, not unexpectedly, started its dissection of an Awesome Webinar from the objectives (stage of the buying cycle and target audience need to be understood and articulated in advance).

ON24 also uses Campaign Brief for promotional activities and maintains a year-long schedule of upcoming webinars.  The schedule can be adjusted based on the popularity of unexpected topics throughout the year, but the framework needs to be established in advance.

Similar to BrightTALK, ON24 emphasizes early promotion and recommends 4 dedicated promotional emails to get the maximum attendance for each event.



ON24 changes email format (general HTML email and a personal TEXT email from the presenter) to get maximum visibility.  Interesting: the last email may be sent only to those who visited the registration page, but did not sign up for the webinar. 




Webinar title is part of the creative ideation process, which can also be related to the promotion.  A good slide to consider during the preparation discussion is below.




ON24 shared 2018 webinar benchmarks,  plus 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar, and Driving Webinar Registrations Best Practices guide.

The data is somewhat different from 2018 benchmarks shared by BrightTALK, but the general idea is the same: planning, preparation, and promotion are needed to maximize the potential of a webinar program.


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