BrightTALK – 2018 Benchmarks Report

Are the time when we knew the “secret sauce” of the “right” day of the week and the “right” time to promote the webinar over?  Maybe 🙂

One recommendation has not changed, however, over the years: BrightTALK still recommends three dedicated emails over three weeks before the webinar to generate the best results.  Reducing the number of emails will limit the webinar’s audience.


Interesting: the day of the week to promote the webinar does not play a significant role in generating registrations (BrightTALK measures registrations for the webinars rather than CTR or open rate of the email – very reasonable approach).

“Live Tomorrow” in the subject line seems to generate needed urgency (good to test in the future).


Another interesting point is the wide range of time to host the webinar to maximize live views.  BrightTALK recommends selecting time based on presenter availability (reasonably), as the difference is minimal.

webinar time.png

Financial industry – afternoon webinars might be more successful.

BrightTALK also did not see much difference in the day of the week when the webinar is scheduled.  In the past Tuesday through Thursday were considered more effective; the new data suggest that Monday – Friday is completely acceptable.  Mondays even showed a slight increase in the attendance compared to the rest of the week.


Marketers need to define the objective of the webinar (awareness?  lead gen?) and collaborate with the wider team on the promotion of an upcoming event (social, etc.)

Regions: presentations in the local language will increase attendance (Latin America example – over 1,000 live attendees tuned in to watch a webinar about WonnaCry Ransomware).


More interesting points from another BrightTALK webinar…  about webinars:

  • As the role of marketing is changing to influence the entire customer journey, many “awareness” tools used throughout the sales process and beyond.  Financial Services (as a target audience) are more likely emphasize customer marketing than a search of new logos.  Use of the webinars will depend on the objective of the marketing organization.
  • How to increase live attendance?  Ask to submit questions in advance.  Use social media buzz to generate the interest to questions and speakers.  Create a hashtag for the webinar, and promote it in advance.  Asking questions in advance increases live attendance.
  • Attracting attendees with a gift card – typically produces more registrants, but does not have a good conversion to pipeline – people are only interested in the gift card, rather than the topic of the event.
  • Creation of videos: understand first what are you trying to achieve and what audience are you targeting.  Then, reverse-engineer these objectives into an interesting topic and a story.
  • Measurement of webinar’s success also depends on the organizational objective.  BrightTALK ultimately measures bookings and also retention.  The objective of generating net new is measured by first touch and multitouch is used for the overall measurement of the program success.  Webinars can accelerate pipeline 30% (BrightTALK data).
  • This is a good report to review every year 🙂

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