Though I do not cook and typically avoid trying exotic foods as much as I can do it politely, a friend invited me to an industry event at Yummly.  Wow – meeting a friend was a pleasure, but learning about a popular food app at the edge of IoT and a blend of potential b-to-c and b-to-b marketing was a treat.  The food was also fantastic!  Even for picky eaters 🙂


Interesting: Yummly is piloting an app, which can recognize food items available and potentially recommend recipes including these items.  The ultimate objective is the connection of a refrigerator content, stove operation, and a desire to prepare a meal as easy as possible.  A scan of the foods available can generate a recommended recipe (based on highly customizable preferences), a selection of the recipe can potentially pre-heat an oven… and a text message can remind a novice “cook” that a forgotten dish is ready.


As Yummly’s audience is wide and geographically diverse, the company has a fantastic source of data based on the usage of its apps: what is the most common meal to cook for Valentine’s day?  Or, what is the most popular side dish in the fall in South Dakota?  Yummy has not shared the data with potential partners yet, but it might be an interesting opportunity in the future.  Yummly already has partnerships in food delivery areas.

Future of cooking seems to be wonderful!  Leaving an event, the attendees were delighted with a very useful shopping bag – my husband loved it.  He is the cook in the family 🙂