BMA – ABM Optimization


As usually, the event started from lovely networking and proceeded to a very insightful conversation about ABM and everything related to the topic (from a marketer’s perspective, it pretty much everything ūüôā ).

Jamie posted Top 3 Takeaways on ABM Optimization after the event, which gives an excellent overview of the conversation.

…Duns & Bradstreet added that they see a data decline rate of 40% in one year. This tracks on par with my experience…

Other interesting points:

  • An issue to consider: who is the prospect and who is the customer? ¬†Two different people in the same organization can “play both roles.”
  • Micro-campaigns for the same account (a play on “Demand Unit?”) – IBM Analytics or IBM Watson as separate segments to target, for example.
  • Even in a medium size company, the organization can have several operations groups, but nobody responsible for the entire process. ¬†As a result, the database may not be cleaned in a decade…
  • Identification of a champion for the solution within an organization is critical. ¬†However, the champion’s involvement needs to be carefully considered. ¬†For example, a champion might do a webinar only for the company where he/she works, and only BU name can be used in promotion, rather thank the person’s name.
  • If sales are asked to select initial accounts for ABM, they often provide accounts, which they were not able to penetrate. ¬†These accounts would not be the best start for the program; it is important to work with accounts, which already expressed some level of interest.
  • How to find champions? ¬†The best source is a user conference. ¬†Finding a champion on the acquisition side is more difficult, and requires close communication with sales. ¬†When the champion is identified, ask “what do you need?”
  • box.PNGDM is a good way to catch attention in the world of electronic messaging. ¬†One of arguments against the approach is remote work, but most people will eventually come to the office. ¬†It is important to include a premium to get results. ¬†People love receiving boxes ūüôā
  • Successful tactic: Lunch and Learn. ¬†Getting a list of potential attendees is easy by requesting a list with “dietary requirements.”

flip.PNGABM blog with presenter’s contributions ¬†Flip My Funnel¬† Curious: the blog promotes “ABX Webinar series.”