SiriusDecisions – Establishing Channel Excellence

Excellent event!  New to channel marketing, I hoped to learn a few interesting points about the field; the event showed that channel marketing is a sophisticated discipline with unique nuances and tools to address them.


SiriusDecisions organize channel activities into Channel Program Model – an excellent framework to approach channel marketing.

Interesting: as the question about not having access to partner data arose, two solutions were recommended:

  • create tools that gather data
  • create process that encourages partners to provide data


Channel activities also need to include understanding what kind of partners are the most beneficial, developing partner personas, and aligning organizational activities based on Partner’s Journey Stages.

Partners are not entities, they are numerous personas, and it is important to adjust on-boarding to fit specific persona.

Another interesting point is that working with partners requires continuous evangelizing within the company (30% of time); as the entire organization is not dealing with partners on daily basis, a reminder about partner needs is critical for the program success.

Marketers promoting partner programs typically talk about the product; it is important to explain the benefit of the engagement for the partner. Ease of doing business with the organization is very important for partners. 

Sometimes, partners are considered ineffective, but in reality:

  • partners have not been properly trained
  • partners were not enabled
  • organization has wrong type of partners

If you have 10,000 partners, but they are not right type of partners, you don’t have partners

Organizations need to understand what kind of partners they need, as resources can be devoted to wrong kind of partners.

Excellent event!

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