Book – Small Data

small-data.pngFantastic book!  At the time of universal preoccupation with Big Data, the book demonstrates the need of understanding the consumer on a human level.  Though Big Data can typically answer the question “what,” it can never explain “why” without the help of additional insight.

The most striking example was a bank facing increased customer churn.  As the bank was preparing to send retention letters to customers, the organization discovered that the most important factor in the phenomenon was not dissatisfaction with the services: customers were going through divorce and had to shift funds.

The author also describes differences in perceptions, aspirations, and the methods of achieving these aspirations in different cultures.  The most exciting part – the research is not targeted for purely scientific understanding, it helps companies to achieve business success by helping their customers find something what can make them feel better.

The book is highly entertaining and would be interesting not only for marketers… but the marketers will probably find it the most useful.

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