BMA – Content Strategy For B-to-B Web Site Transformation

Excellent event!  Though web content and content marketing seem to be a cozy and familiar topic, the presentation was packed with new perspectives and explanation of familiar concepts.

pic.pngInteresting: Sirius Decisions observe a tendency to re-silo within marketing organizations (due to technical complexity) after some time of integration efforts.  

Marketing content lives in different “places.”  Some organizations try to do “too much” – have content for each persona for each stage of the sales cycle.

Sometimes web sites is a place of “asset chaos – no cohesive understanding of what content assets are on the site, how they are performing, and how they are supporting audiences and objectives.”


Web content strategy is part of your content in general and it is completely dependent on other aspects of the business – embrace the dependency!


Audience prioritization: one company had literally 5,000 independent web sites to address virtually the same audience (IT), because business stakeholders could not agree.

Messaging framework: sometimes, getting the web site right is the forcing function to create messaging framework, as it does not exist.

Content: “Smaller amount better”  – how much content do you need?  Probably less than you have today.


Note – the impactful content asset types are considered in different stages of the sales cycle – sales presentation is the most impactful, but is is used at a very specific time.


Two best slides separating formats and channels, what is often confused in the industry.


Targeting: tricky to do, and even trickier to do with too many personas. “Where is the most important place to start?”

Interesting: when companies do technology audit, they are more likely not to add, but to remove technologies.

Excellent presentation!

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