BMA – Marketing Technology

Interesting event – though the topic was centered on marketing technology, the conversation ultimately started and ended with “people and process.”  🙂

The tools will fail without right skills and process

Technology roadmap starts with defining capabilities for the future; what capabilities are important for your business?

Excellent way to find a collection of capabilities is to look at the categories of martech chart.


Company needs to define what capabilities it wants to achieve and what approach it plans to take: “Best of breed?” “Platform?”

There are a few platforms that probably have technology for any capabilities combination. If the company already using a particular platform, it is wise to check if needed capability is available as part of the platform before purchasing and integrating another tool.

Implementation is just the beginning


Interesting: companies often setup an “Eloqua shop” in a low-cost location, from another side, advantages of maintaining high level of expertise in-house are also gaining recognition. Typically, company’s employees want leading-edge skills.  However, alignment and executive support are critical.

Don’t underestimate the cost of change

The most difficult is to decide which capabilities are important for the company.  The discussion should be not “should we bring this vendor today…?” but “do we want to develop this capability…?”

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