Book – Essentialism

esentialismOne of the curious discoveries I made while listening to the book was that “companies are people too” in their tendency to lack focus.

Straddling – keeping existing strategy intact while trying simultaneously adopt a strategy of a competitor.  This position is not sustainable as there is no trade off with other positions. Trade off represents an opportunity.

Example: a traditional airline is trying to copy discounter airline approach for a specific market without changing its operational cost structure.  The approach did not work, as the efficiency of a discounter airline was based on optimization of the entire operation. 

Interesting concept: similarly to “Minimal Viable Product,” any initiative can have a “Minimal Viable Progress.”

From the perspective of leadership, the author recommends leading a team on a principle of “less but better,” bringing right people through hiring process even if it takes longer, and clarifying roles in a team.

Ha!  I think I am somewhat close to the underlining principles 🙂    Though there is always a room for improvement.

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