BMA – Big Data Analytics


Big Data is one of marketing topics that keeps our industry interesting.  Jennifer Blatnik, VP Cloud and Enterprise Portfolio Marketing, Juniper Networks, Inc. gave an interesting perspective from the view of her company and industry.

  • Cheap storage and compute allows keeping more marketing-related data.  What data do you need?  You need only data that can be useful.
    • Customer Care database can have a lot of data, but not much of it is valuable.
    • If company is interested in a specific vendor, there is a probability the company is looking to buy.  Gartner sells the data on who is researching your company.
  • Which data is important?  It depends on what you are trying to do.
  • Proliferation of data contributes to the industry evolution and creates a new marketer – a marketer who understands marketing strategy and is able to align it to the “marketing stack.”
  • While waiting on infrastructure projects (can take years), it might make sense to employ data scientists to find data needed for insights in different sources company has.  However, data scientists need to receive a clear explanation of the project objective, as their area of expertise is data rather than your business.
  • Targeting personas: if your persona is CIO, it does not mean that people with CIO title need to be targeted, it means that persona of this type can be targeted, even without CIO title.

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