BMA – Marketing Disruptions with Internet of Things

Sudha Jamthe gave a very engaging and entertaining presentation, always returning the audience thinking from the entertaining effect of the IoT in the personal sphere to the business application of the industry.


Sudha’s definition is interesting in its concentration on implications of the phenomenon, rather than an attempt to describe its technical functionality.  Functionality will change; impact will change business and society.

Though IoT startups are appearing every day, the real money is in b-to-b.  However, the industry will need to adopt a common standards and overcome the security concerns.


Interesting: proliferation of wearables can be credited to “Quantified Self” phenomenon, but true scale of adoption of the device can be credited to its social application, which may not even been considered by the inventors.

IoT.pngConnected cars – cars require wireless service, what car owners would not want to buy.  As a result, cars are sold with the service included into the price of the vehicle.

The issues of sharing data creates privacy concern: some people would be happy to disclose their driving data for an insurance discount, and some would not.

Connected cities – limited by the question: “who is going to pay?”

The most informational development will probably be the industrial internet.  Most likely, we will realize that it happened a few years after the fact.  Meanwhile, we will see many amusing approaches, which would be done just because the technology is available 🙂


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