BMA – B2B Digital Marketing Success

just-mediaDick Reed, CEO – Just Media, Inc., gave interesting insight into the industry and shared a couple of unexpected facts with a very appreciative audience.  The event was so popular that usual meeting area had to be expanded to accommodate more interested marketers.

A few points from the event:

  • Important to involve all stakeholders of the initiative (marketers, internal stakeholders, agencies), and make sure everybody understands the big picture.  In some organizations this approach introduces internal stakeholders to each other first time.
  • “Plan campaign backwards” – the easiest method to discover any gaps in the flow
  • Facebook audience converts for b-to-b initiatives (surprising finding) – though the content needs to be more suitable to the medium, not a typical white paper.



  • Paid search combines two categories:
    • Searches (people are searching industry terms – looking for an information on the topic)
    • Navigators (using Google to navigate to a destination – ready to convert)
  • Half of cookies are deleted in a week (I find it hard to believe… )
  • Leads coming from the company’s website, 8-10 times better quality than leads coming from content syndication. People who are looking for something on the site, are further down in the sales cycle.
  • Print advertisement – direct mail pieces with interesting features, dimensional, etc. are effective now as very few companies do them.  People are excited to receive something unusual.
  • Avoid RAM (Random Acts of Marketing)  🙂
  • Marketers expectations of what a video can deliver is currently off.  Videos are watched, but direct action is is rarely taken.
  • Mobile devices impressions are growing in b-to-b, but the engagement is significantly lower.  Mobile clicks are 1/3 of desktop clicks – the agency is optimizing campaigns for desktop. 
  • The agency believes that the next stage is for agencies to help customers run marketing systems they purchased, as the systems are becoming more and more complex and require in-depth expertise.  Curious development…


Interesting slide with depiction of the marketing process.