Book – Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!

bookThe most insightful point of the book, I think, came at the very end, when the author wondered if Yahoo could be saved in general.  Could it be that Yahoo solved the problem that existed at one point in history?  The internet was difficult to use, and it made it easier.  Then, the problem was solved by many other companies in many different ways, and Yahoo lost its appeal.  Historical situation changed, and what company used to do so well was not longer needed.

During time of fast technological change, more businesses can find themselves in the same situation.  What is the solution?  Trying to find “something else profitable to do” or sell out for the satisfaction of shareholders?  I am also wondering what would be preferable on business and societal level.

Another interesting point was a decision to concentrate on product rather than move the company into a media business.  Product direction prevailed, and current CEO was chosen.  The general debate between product-centric approach and other approaches is also quite insightful.

Yahoo culture went through an interesting evolution during its history, though I was surprised that Yahoo used stack ranking system for employee evaluation, which is known to reduce employee engagement and innovation.

This is insightful and very entertaining book; pleasure to listen.


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