Marketo Users Group – Marketing Above the Noise and OpenPrise

bookThis was my very first visit to San Mateo Marketo Users Group – and I am looking forward to the future events.  The event was enlightening in several ways, and getting back with an author-signed copy of a marketing book I am planning to read was a treat 🙂

Linda Popky gave us a few reason to ponder our “marketing life” and steered curiosity for her new book Marketing Above the Noise.

Linda started her presentation from a story about a musician who wrote a piece of music that was significantly different from other pieces presented at a concert.  He won the attention of the tired audience.  We, as marketers, are always facing a “tired audience,” and we need to elevate our marketing “above the noise” to reach these prospects.

differentAh, how often in many meetings on different jobs I could hear: “all companies in our [industry, category, etc.] do x, we should do the same.”  No, we should do something different just to avoid confusion with the rest of [industry, category, etc.].  Purple Cow came to mind too, together with a multitude of marketing classics.  And these conversations continue to happen around the industry 🙂

One interesting point was Linda’s emphasis on the organizational alignment.  We have been talking for years about Sales and Marketing, and then, Marketing and IT came to focus, as the industry changed, and the best way to catch a marketer’s eye became “No IT involvement required!” message (ah, still works on me 🙂 ).  Two more parts that need to be considered – Management and Product.  Without the alignment, marketing can not succeed.


Linda also emphasized bringing marketing metrics closer to business need.  She brought an good example – how to measure success of customer community for the business.  The measurement of the activity of community may not be as effective, but connection of the community activity to the increase in purchasing would be.  I guess, we can always ask ourselves: is it possible to increase the metric with the detriment (or luck of benefit) to the business?  If the question is “yes,” the metric may not be a right one.  The classic examples are website traffic and bounce rate – it is possible to increase/reduce the metric with no benefit (or even detriment) for the business.

I will read the book!  🙂

openpriseThe event was sponsored by a very interesting company – OpenPrise.  The company helps Marketing and Sales to manage data (without relying on IT or knowledge of the code…  that message makes every marketer smile 😉  ).  The company did not particularly targeted Marketo users, but discovered that majority of their customers have a typical combination of Marketo+SFDC in their Marketing Stack.

NoITThe company has a free option (which I will investigate at the next data load time 🙂 ), and clearly target business users, who need to clean or manipulate data.  Ha – even if you have the entire BI department in the large organization…  that department may not quite be available for your data project in my experience.

OpenPrise example of the data “before and after” is very delicious!  The food that the attendees of the users group enjoyed was also provided by OpenPrise, and it was excellent…  but nothing can compare with a screenshot below 🙂


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