Marketo Pumpkin Carving Contest

pumkinsYes, I happened to be the right audience for Marketo Pumpkin Carving Contest – I love marketing, and even if I have never tried carving a pumpkin, it definitely looked fun 🙂

First, I needed a pumpkin.  I was determined to find a purple or blue (or some other color pumpkin closer to Maketo color, as, of course, I wanted to create something in between Marketo and Halloween – I am a fan of both.  And the idea itself was beyond hilarious!

Hm…  I never carved pumpkins before…  and they happened to be quite hard to touch.  How can it be carved? My guess, some power pumpkin carving equipment exists, but that was a bit too extreme, and my skill level in the area was absent – or somewhere around one big misconception that pumpkins were as malleable as big orange soft cantaloupes.

End of contest for me?  Not so quickly!  😉  It would be as fun to try to carve the cantaloupe and, with a little help of Photoshop, make it properly purple.  This approach may not qualify for the contest rules, but it would be even more entertaining – plus, I can eat the cantaloupe.

monitorOK – cantaloupe and Photoshop became partners in my non-pumpkin carving efforts.  As usually, cantaloupe was delicious and easy to cut, though not as easy to put back together to pretend to be a pumpkin.  I also tried adding an additional Halloween accessory from  a company’s event.

Definitely, my “pumpkin” had to be purple – the contest idea came from Marketo.  The result was not quite what I expected, but the process was entertaining enough to consider the whole exercise worth the effort. It was a fun Friday eventing!  🙂


I was not completely sure about the Halloween accessory, but, why not?  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Marketo Pumpkin Carving Contest

    • Ron, great to hear from you! Comparing to all our Minnesota friends, we will be enjoying our upcoming winters – no need for digging our cars from snow! 🙂

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