Marketo Users Group – Survey Campaign

Silicon Valley Marketo Users Group is an excellent place to learn innovative ways of using Marketo and also discover what other marketers found interesting, challenging, or beneficial.

spearDan Reed from Spear Marketing Group gave a wonderful presentation about survey-centered campaign, integration of a third party survey tool with Marketo, and overall result from the marketing effort.  Dan shared his deck with detailed instructions for the SVMUG members.

The company wanted to collect data on an important industry topic in the area of its service offering, use this data for future multiple marketing materials, and generate leads.


Very interesting: both “phases” of the campaign (generation of the data for the report, and promotion of the report itself) are presented as one process – what makes complete sense.


A few points from the group discussion on surveys and materials generated from them:

  • used to establish the company as a thought leader
  • not necessarily offering “something”
  • sometimes, first 100 are eligible for $5 starbucks
  • filling out survey usually $5, typically, $50 is offered to setup a meeting (those who tried $50 approach suggest that the volume is good, but result is still unknown)
  • providing free access to enough data can result in amplification by other publications (for marketing, eMarketer can pick up, etc.)

Technologies that group members tried and found interesting (the rule of the SVMUG encourages sharing any technologies, except company’s own product 🙂 ):

  • PersistIQ  (sales communications)
  • SendBloom (sales communications)
  • Datanyze (data tool)
  • Uberflip (content management – for marketers)
  • Highspot (sales enablement tool)
  • PoliteMail (Outlook-based internal communications tool – ha ha – I wish I knew about it three years ago)
  • Sigstr (managing email signatures for the entire company – I wish I knew about it …  a decade ago 😉 )
  • Spiderbook (search for qualified prospect via semantic analysis of online data)
  • Persado (generation of subject lines, etc. to increase response)
  • Brandcast (website management?)

An interesting point from the group: webinars are stressful…  however, the option to pre-record the “live” webinar and “play” it during the live session allows to avoid possible technical problems.  The Q&A part is done live, as in the traditional webinar.  In addition, the speaker, who is “presenting” the recorded talk, can communicate with the webinar attendees on Twitter.

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