Dreamforce – 2015


It was quite an event – the largest conference I ever attended.  The conference dived into examples of mega trends or “technology shifts,” which is every vendor and particularly platform provider was trying to use:

  • Cloud
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things

Some of the most interesting examples came from a very useful connection between the physical and virtual world, what can be very beneficial for marketers.  It was a pleasure to watch the industry evolving beyond a “shiny object”  stage of the IoT 🙂

Mattel:  connected customer experience.  Toy car can be “connected” to mobile app by scanning the QR code.  Confirmation email had a call to action to download the app.

Room & Board: predictive intelligence. Company’s recommendation engine connects purchase data from the physical stores and online browsing.  The quality of recommendations increases order value 60%.  Predictive intelligence increases conversion 600%.

AT&T: focussed social media objectives, measurements, etc.  Objective is “meaningful relationship with customers.” Social Media response time from the company is down 70% yoy, customer satisfaction is up 5%.  Company has 10 marketing teams publishing content – operational model is very important.  Measurement of success: customer satisfaction.

We want marketing to be so good, it is customer service.  We want customer service to be so good, it is marketing.

The most interesting point, from my perspective, was a suggestion that CRM should the “the center” of company’s infrastructure.


In many cases, ERP is considered the center… and it might be very complex for companies to setup:  “ah… we are 4 years into 2 year ERP project…”

Sailforce created a platform – App Cloud – where additional apps can be created, found, and offered.  The primary recommendation from Salesforce: “Don’t reinvent the wheel, tap into ecosystem.”

Interesting: many “platform” vendors, including Oracle, Microsoft, etc,. are trying to create different clouds.  The development of these clouds will be very entertaining to watch.

Salesforce has training site helping developers to learn the basics of the platform and its advanced features.