Dashlane and PC Classes Online

I was lucky to be introduced to two wonderful resources, which saved me efforts and time (and probably allowed to avoid typical frustration of modern life 🙂  ).

DashlineDashlane claims to be the best Password Manager – I agree! I have not used any other similar tools, but I don’t think I will ever dare to leave the security of Dashlane.  I did not realize that Dashlane could collect over 3,000 random passwords from all three browsers I use on my home compute…  I thought I used just a few 😉

PCClassesPC Classes Online was my life saver when I started using Mac at work first time in my life.  Ah – I LOVE it!  And, I came home after the first day in total panic as I did not know how to copy-paste…  Thanks to my increadibley helpful coworkers, I was introduced to basics, but I felt I needed more. PC Classes Online had a perfect class introducing Mac to terrified PC users like me 🙂  I watched it more than twice and “clicked along” to learn my new wonderful tool.  The site has many classes helping to learn different tools and devices.  I will be back, definitely, I will be back 😉

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