Content Strategy Meetup – Developer and UX Designer Perspective

developmentLovely discussion – perception of a software developer and UX designer of the content marketing is very positive.  General approach: they do see the value (at least two smart gentlemen from the Nerdery, who were part of the presentation 🙂 ).

Software engineer compared his function to Tupperware: “My job is to build containers. Content is what we are building for.”  Content strategy was fascinating for him as it explained why what was needed to be built was actually needed.

When “containers” do not fit the content, it is the failure of the process. Good web site design happens after content strategy process has been completed (ah, the audience would completely agree, but many businesses are still lack this understanding).

As the Nerdery helps companies to build web sites and apps for their needs, the consultancy is facing usual challenge: many organizations can not answer the question around content ownership.  It is not clear who will decide which content stays on the site and which one can be cut.  Other questions that are usually not addressed related to the web site maintenance.

One of the aspects of content maintenance is training people who will be doing the work to use the tools. WordPress is one of the most evolved content management tools. Curious: 18% of “the web” is on WordPress.  Major media organizations use WordPress for governance.

Though everybody in the audience was very clear on the benefit of user experience and content strategy, both of these services are still hard to sell to customers.  In many cases, the customers want agencies to “just design a web site;” the approach that will cost more in the long run.

One meeting attendee shared that he explained the need for content strategy to small business owners very simply: “Content strategy will help you to sell more staff.”  Small business owners understood instantly. 🙂

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