Social Media Breakfast – Content Marketing

SMBWow – I did not realize that Social Media Breakfast was so popular!  Packed room and great presentation – all I was missing with early morning meetings at work 😉

Lee Odden gave us an insight into the industry and his company – a nice morning treat beside the usual staples of the event.

Content is the reason search began anyway

Content marketing evolution from Lee’s perspective:

  • We need to create more content…
  • We need to align the content with personas, customer journey, etc.
  • We should not forget how people feel when they read our content
  • How do we measure the result?  How it helps us to make money?

scoopLee mentioned a couple of new (to me) tools:

  • Scoop It  – a tool that helps to discover and curate content for your efforts.
  • Buzz Sumo – tool allowing to see how well content performs – quite interesting.
  • Copy Blogger has some great content marketing-related content 😉

The conversation also touched on fantastic creative pieces of content that need to be promoted to realize their marketing potential.  Content is a “product” that requires promotion.

What is a bad advice in the area of content marketing that might be floating in the industry right now?  The idea that SEO is the purpose of content marketing.  This is incorrect – content is for the reader – it is important to give the reader something useful and help to solve his or her problems.  The best objective is to create value for the target audience.

New book to check: How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination  (I liked the previous book of this author – this one is also available on Audible).

Modular content – Lee suggested thinking through how the content will be used in different channels in advance, rather than try to “modularize” it later.

A lovely expression related to content’s usefulness:

Give your audience something practical and tactical 🙂

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