Appetite for Cookie Law

baked-cookieThough marketers were preoccupied with the European cookie law for some time, it might be that the consumers did not worry about cookie activity enough.  Maybe cookies (and the privacy that they inadvertently violate) are not annoying enough, but rather helpful for consumers.  As consumers, we would be furious to receive SPAM that takes valuable time, but cookies that take us faster to desired information and preserve valuable time, might be just… useful.

The regulator’s own stats show it’s received few reports about cookies – only 43 in the last quarter of last year, versus more than 43,000 complaints for spam and cold callers.  The Guardian

And how about marketers?  European marketers tried to comply.

A study lead by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) showed that 94% of UK websites feature a banner or some other cookie warning– well above the European average of 74%. However, it also found that British sites place an average of 44 cookies on your first visit, well above the average of 34 across the European countries surveyed. The Guardian

cookieMarketers who might need to comply in the future are lucky –  now, if you have GTM on your site, adding the required functionality would be easy – with the help of Cookie Collective. Lovely site!  I wish I had this link about four years ago, when concerns about cookies first started to materialize…

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