MIMA – Data + Tech


Nina Hale started the new format of MIMA monthly events with a reminder that our target audience is the same person – not a hypothetical “digital” or “traditional,” but the same person who, on ocasion, might pay attention to different marketing channels.

10 years ago it was possible to “specialize” in a single tactic – SEO or PPC for example.  However, now everything needs to “play together” and there are tools that allows measure this complicated interplay.

  • Research website and keyword searches to learn what they care about
  • Create content to meet that need
  • Use paid to get the content in front of them
    • Sponsor posts to targeted audiences (their engagement also helps your SEO)
    • Programmatic display
    • Paid search
  • Remarket to drop-offs
  • Find look-alike audiences that match your best customers
  • Interesting: programmatic display can be good from the perspective of cost per lead (I have not seen that, but it might differ by industry)

Nina recommended Quantcast – a free tool (and I did not know, how embarrassing!  😉


Another tool is Think with Google – the comparison of assists from different industries is quite interesting (and I did not think about using this tool in this capacity before)


Nina suggested to align messages based on targeting options – this is a great slide to think through the process.


Josh Becerra talked about conversion optimization – a topic dear to every marketer’s heart – and suggested a couple of tools:


CallRail – a call tracking tool

LuckyOrange – form tracking and click mapping tool

Josh’s most insightful point (from my perspective) was: “your site is always in beta…”  do not consider the site “done” for a set period of time – always try to improve and optimize.

Christina Lefebvre’s part of the presentation dived into the known topic of marketing automation and highlighted a few interesting points.

As the sales process 70% complete before the prospect contacts sales… “marketing now needs to do half of the sales job…”  🙂 

An excellent slide showing the “sweet spot” of marketing automation


And a very easy to understand (even for a non-marketer, hopefully) slide with the stages of the sales cycle.  Excellent slide taking into the consideration “skipping” stages and “returning” routs.


Christina mentioned again the industry mantra – marketing automation requires knowledgeable people to be useful, and without adequate resources, it will not be used to its full potential.  And, unfortunately, it is a state of the modern business 🙂


We, as an industry, can do better!  It is a great time to be in marketing – so much improvement is just around the corner 🙂

Event presentation

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