Content Strategy Meetup – Web Writing


I guess, the whole meeting could have a slogan “Clear, not clever,” as one more emphasis on the purpose of the web writing – to communicate an idea to the audience in search of the right idea…

General guidelines for the content:

  • best content on the top of the page (fold is still relevant)
  • Clear, not clever
  • Easy to scan
  • Bullets and lists
  • Subheads
  • Strong images

Web page recommendations:

  • 2-4 sentences per paragraph
  • 12 – 20 words line length

In case we want to see examples of bad content…

There is an Onion-type site for …  bad content – ClickHole 😉


A few interesting points:

  • Think about HTML (H1, H2, etc.) as structure elements, rather than design elements.
  • A new (for me) term “listicles” – articles that are technically lists.  The term seem to be around for a while.
  • Canada and UK have excellent government website content (as the initiative is supported by dedicated taxes)
  • Dealing with infinite scroll
    • is it needed?  If requested by the client – what value does it bring?  Good example: “we want to create an infinite scroll to show students that we have many options of the content for them to select”
    • If needed, it is easy to “get lost” in infinite scroll.  In this case, a side bar could be added to explain that this is an infinite scroll, and there are different sorting options of the content
  • Word has readability statistics (which grade level is required to understand the copy?).  However, showing clients readability data of grade level can be cumbersome…  Some companies can say: “Oh, grade level 13?  Great!  All our customers have higher level of education…”
  • From the university professor: “Students are great technology consumers, but not good technology producers.”

Fantastic online style guide for Mail Chimp (internal guide) is available online.  I love the introduction! 🙂  And I loved the point on SEO…


University of Minnesota has an open  and very useful Content Strategy Guide.


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