MN Search – Mobile Search and Usability

phoneSo…   Google announced that mobile optimization of the web sites is very important.  4.7% made the adjustments.  Should large, multi billion dollar companies be worried?  Maybe not, as their primary competitors are in the same boat 🙂

Though Google is using mobile usability for ranking, does a company have to make sure the site is actually responsive?  It is possible to have a separate mobile site, what will require coding to “tell” google that it is a version of the main, not mobile site.

Images are affecting mobile score – as images increase download time.

Interesting: 90% of people do not know what “hamburger” menu mean…  Yes, even if most of middle-age marketers think they were born with this knowledge 🙂 The best is to use “Menu” together with the hamburger, or just “Menu.”  The world did not stop April 21st 2015.  Google’s objective could have been to make people aware that mobile usability is the ranking factor.  Maybe because the trend was not going into the right direction…


Though the data is overwhelming:

  • Walmart – 1 second faster load, 2% conversion lift
  • Staples – 1 second faster load, 10% conversion lift

Mobile usability

Suggesting a scroll increases scrolling and conversion



Mobile sites need to provide content relevant to the users – for the correct context.  The most popular link on many mobile sites is “view desktop version.”





Many mobile users call the business rather than do anything else.







Full Angie’s slide deck


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