Eloqua Users Group – Analytics and Visual Click Through

quocity-logoGreat information, as usually.  Particularly, the new release overview was very useful – it is hard to keep up with “everything going on” in online marketing… 🙂

it looks like Oracle might be working on upgrading Eloqua Insights, what would be lovely.  Current version of Insights is not the most easy to use, and comparing to other analytics packages, such as Google Analytics, Litmus, etc. is rather clunky.

Relationship One also has an advanced solution to “upgrade” the analysis experience…  Would Oracle buy Quosity?  Ah – it would be lovely 🙂


Two particularly helpful features of the new release:

Visual click though is back!!  All of us who missed this feature from E9 days and tried the Beta versions of previous years would be happy.  The same limitation applies – the same link need to be tagged to be distinguishable in the report.  Oh, well, everybody who wanted this type of reports over last couple of years are probably tagging experts by now 🙂


Knowing other reports of this type from the years past, I am surprised to see only percentage and no difference in the color bubble.  Maybe it is coming.

It is now also possible to remove tests from the form substitution data.  Though my experience is manipulation of the form submission data in spreadsheet…  I am sure this feature has a fantastic application sometime in the future.


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