Marketing Experiments – Properly Sequenced Subject Lines

emailFantastic data – I did not guess correctly… ¬†have to save the screen shot ūüôā

What can we do to make email subject lines more effective?

Winning subject lines have specific and tangible words, rather than vague or “salesy.”

Winning subject lines lead with what the customer would “get” rather than what the customer need to “do.”

Winning subject lines do not initially ask for anything – the asking is implicit, rather than explicit.

“30% off is only valuable if you can connect it to an experience…”

Clear subject lines always outperform creative and clever subject lines.

Do not be afraid of long subject lines. ¬†If you “front-load” the subject line with value, people can decide if they want to read more.








Fantastic clinic!!

MN Search – Mobile Search and Usability

phoneSo… ¬† Google announced that mobile optimization of the web sites is very important. ¬†4.7% made the adjustments. ¬†Should large, multi billion dollar companies be worried? ¬†Maybe not, as their primary competitors are in the same boat ūüôā

Though Google is using mobile usability for ranking, does a company have to make sure the site is actually responsive? ¬†It is possible to have a separate mobile site, what will require coding to “tell” google that it is a version of the main, not mobile site.

Images are affecting mobile score – as images increase download time.

Interesting: 90% of people do not know what “hamburger” menu mean… ¬†Yes, even if most of middle-age marketers think they were born with this knowledge ūüôā The best is to use “Menu” together with the hamburger, or just “Menu.” ¬†The world did not stop April 21st 2015. ¬†Google’s objective could have been to make people aware that mobile usability is the ranking factor. ¬†Maybe because the trend was not going into the right direction…


Though the data is overwhelming:

  • Walmart – 1 second faster load, 2% conversion lift
  • Staples – 1 second faster load, 10% conversion lift

Mobile usability

Suggesting a scroll increases scrolling and conversion



Mobile sites need to provide content relevant to the users – for the correct context. ¬†The most popular link on many mobile sites is “view desktop version.”





Many mobile users call the business rather than do anything else.







Full Angie’s slide deck

Eloqua Users Group – Analytics and Visual Click Through

quocity-logoGreat information, as usually. ¬†Particularly, the new release overview was very useful – it is hard to keep up with “everything going on” in online marketing… ūüôā

it looks like Oracle might be working on upgrading Eloqua Insights, what would be lovely.  Current version of Insights is not the most easy to use, and comparing to other analytics packages, such as Google Analytics, Litmus, etc. is rather clunky.

Relationship One also has an advanced solution to “upgrade” the analysis experience… ¬†Would Oracle buy Quosity? ¬†Ah – it would be lovely ūüôā


Two particularly helpful features of the new release:

Visual click though is back!! ¬†All of us who missed this feature¬†from E9 days and tried the Beta versions of previous years would be happy. ¬†The same limitation applies – the same link need to be tagged to be distinguishable in the report. ¬†Oh, well, everybody who wanted this type of reports over last couple of years are probably tagging experts by now ūüôā


Knowing other reports of this type from the years past, I am surprised to see only percentage and no difference in the color bubble.  Maybe it is coming.

It is now also possible to remove tests from the form substitution data. ¬†Though my experience is manipulation of the form submission data in spreadsheet… ¬†I am sure this feature has a fantastic application sometime in the future.

Corporate Visions – Persuasion and Content

corporate-visionsAnother fantastic event by Corporate Visions!  Learning very practical approaches to selling and persuasion in general is always valuable, for business and personal needs.  Practical approaches based on research that defies common sense are rare in the field and incredibly useful.

Which approach of persuasion will work better:

  1. Stated need – response with the service matching the need
  2. Stated need – response with the service matching the need plus additional value added service
  3. Stated need – response with the service matching the need plus explanation of unconsidered need and additional value added service to satisfy this need
  4. Stated need Рresponse starting with explanation of the unconsidered need and the service to satisfy it (the service matching the stated need mentioned later)

Starting with unconsidered need is the most effective approach (statistically significant). ¬†Unconsidered need increases persuasion only if it is introduced first. ¬†Hmmm…

Effectiveness of this approach should not be dependent on the language – as decisions are based in the “survival” part of the brain, which developed evolutionary prior to the language parts. ¬†However,¬†neocortex, which has the capacity for speech, is location in the “justification” part of the brain… ¬†so, justification of the decision made might be just a rationalization of the decision rather than the reason why the decision has been made.

We call them “solutions.” ¬†But they are “change management projects.”

Unconsidered need creates demand for additional services.  However, if the services are just offered as an additional options, they can imply excessive pricing.

picPicture superiority effect

Yes, it is understandable, that visual materials are better than just text… but, what kind of visual materials?

In an experiment between “white board-type drawing,” a standard PPT slide, and a “zen” type image, the concept was remembered better after¬†“white board-type drawing” demonstration.

What is the most valuable content?

Many companies are trying to provide “content,” but how effective these efforts are?


Based on four types of content, the least effective content is more common in the business environment, but the least common content and the most difficult to produce has the most value.


Just passing the data is not helpful.  Develop a distinct point of view that creates urgency and uniqueness.  Conduct unique primary research.

What executives values and sales people present?

Interestingly (and not surprising), executives value 4 times more business expertise that the sales person can provide. ¬†However, fewer sales people are comfortable with this type of conversations, what creates “business value gap.”