Microsoft: Reimagine Sales and Marketing – The Customer Journey

microsoftQuite interesting Microsoft event in a beautiful location – Windows on Minnesota.  I am not completely sure if “Windows” was selected deliberately, and the cooking show demonstrating creation of something whole from different elements had any additional meaning 🙂

The most interesting point of the presentation was the explanation of the shift in understanding of the approach to technology.  The shift is similar to the realization that the Earth is not the center of the universe, but rather a planet orbiting the Sun.  When this realization has been made, “all calculations started to make sense.”

Current situation in the understanding of technology is similar.  We placed a person in the center with the devices around the person.


However, this is not the exact “picture” of the “universe” – we are not “using devices,” but rather “performing tasks,” which might require more than one device or any other component of the modern technology.


Another interesting point: with the advent of marketing automation and close loop reporting, marketing is starting to carry quota and be responsible for revenue generation.

Another interesting point from the presentation: 98% of marketing campaigns do not meet their objectives.

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