MIMA – Art, Copy and Code (Google)

artcopycodeNobody knows what will be the future of advertisement.  Nobody knows how advertisement will change in 5 years, and Google is trying to understand the change through the partnership with brands and solving advertising questions.

Google’s partnership with brands exists to inspire the rest of marketing community and to experiment with a wide selection of Google tools.

As more and more information becomes available, people are developing coping techniques to avoid the information.  In many cases, advertisers are cutting the length of their promotions to accommodate busy audience… but:

  • Movies became 10 minutes longer over last few years
  • Novels are not getting shorter

One of three principles the presentation suggested: be simple, but deep.  This approach allows users of the content to engage deeply into brand experience.

One of the campaign examples: Burberry Kisses.


Interesting: the objective of all campaigns is very focused.  In Burberry’s example, it is “Capture the hearts of millennials.”  Another interesting observation: the measurement of success of the campaigns are more “traditional,” engagement metrics.  Is it the future of advertisement?  Maybe.  If anybody can get closer to the future, it would be Google 🙂


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