Book – Who: The A Method for Hiring

whoVery thoughtful book with excellent examples and an explanation of the hiring process.  The “typical” hiring process (or lack of process) is compared with an “evidence based” process, which produces better result – less hiring mistakes.

The most interesting point from my perspective, is the need for the organization to understand what problem is it trying to solve with the new hire.  I watched many times how people were hired or moved to undefined positions and the consequences for the business.

The book is trying to help managers to solve two errors: hiring people who can not do the desired job, or hiring a person who can do the job, but it is not what the company needs.

resumeExample:  an employee was hired without good understanding of his capabilities, the company “hired a resume, but got a different person.”  A resume is a record of exaggerated successes with all failures removed.

Example: a company hired an additional business development manager, who was very successful in generating new business.  However, the company had a backlog, and needed an operations person to clear our the backlog.  When a good operations person was hired, the issue disappeared.

Example: the author advising to the company on the hiring derision asked to define the job, what resulted in a 20 minutes argument between the hiring manager and other involved parties.  After the argument the company realized that it needs to understand what was needed before proceeding with candidate interviews.

An excellent review of the book and the method described is published by The New Talent Times with additional steps this company made to adjust the method for its business.

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