MN Search – Local SEO and PPC


Focus on highest pay-off activities!

reviewsGoogle+ click-through rate is a significant ranking factor.  Google Reviews are very important – they are not only contribute to the ranking in the search results, but also make the search result more attractive for the consumer, particularly when competing companies do not have reviews.

Make a page for each service.  For example, a dentist can have a specific page for each service rather than one services page.  It will also help with PPC, as each page can be used as a landing page for a specific service offering.

Use “lazy links” – BBB lets you pick a page for a link – good for linking to a page deep in the site, what can help this particular page to have better exposure in search engines.

Another lazy link is sponsorship of a meetup group.



Creating a page for a specific location will help with ranking for this specific location, and will also helps to get business for the specific location.  Examples of work in the location, such as landscaping, etc., or any other types of “portfolio,” can be beneficial for search and help with conversion.

Create an epic FAQ page (people would need to click on the link to see the answer) – and study what questions are the most popular.

Keyword research with Google Suggest for SEO or PPC


For PPC, bidding on “review” terms will save money and will assure that the people who search for the term are further down the sales cycle.

No matter what you do…  you still may not rank.  😦   Use PPC.


Use Bing (much cheaper PPC bids) as a laboratory and when a successful and profitable term is found, use it in Google.

Mark testimonials on your site with schema.  Promote an opportunity to provide a testimonial as much as possible; provide anonymous options (possible on some sites) for private topics (divorce, bankruptcy, etc.).

Experiment fearlessly!

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