Book – Becoming a Better Boss

boss-bookVery insightful book.  The author compares management to dieting – something everybody knows how to do, but not many people are willing or able to invest enough efforts to see any significant result. Good management is against our nature as …  preference for a good diet 🙂

The general insight (as from the “Managing the company of the future” class), is the importance of capitalizing on potential of the employees, and recognizing this potential. an interesting point in the book is tailoring the jobs to particular individuals.  Usually, companies create “generic” jobs that can be filled with a “generic” employee from a specific field of knowledge.  Would tailoring of a job be better?  How to replace the employee in case the employee decides to leave?  But, if the job is truly satisfying, the employee would most likely stay longer…

Interesting perspective on letting go and appreciation of employees: it is an “unnatural” state for people.  When the company is not doing well financially, there is a tendency for its managers to become more involved into day-to-day tasks of their teams…  what is not helping the company.

Interesting point: as the information dissemination becomes easier, the middle manager may not have a “job to do.”  What would this job be?  The coach and the person who help his team to succeed… The author points out that managers on temporary assignments do better job than in permanent roles – as permanent roles have an incentive to “justify” the manager’s position.

Interesting story: a manager of sales team tried to spend more time on individual coaching… instead of attending required meetings.  After several weeks of the effort, the manager’s satisfaction improved, the team’s satisfaction improved, and the results (sales) increased…